Just a little something special

Today, Rana completed kindergarten. The kindergarten classes had a “teddy bear picnic” where their parents and favorite stuffed animals were invited. I attended and had a fun time with Rana and seventy other hyper almost-1st graders. We had already planned on having a celebratory meal this evening (hot dogs and cantaloupe. We’re fancy), but it occurred to me this morning after Rana left for her last day of kindergarten, that perhaps a small gift was in order.

If you have never read the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I recommend it. It will open your eyes to how and why people operate the way they do. Rana’s Love Language is Gifts. She loves giving gifts for any and all occasions. She was so proud this morning to take small gifts to her teachers — just some nail polish, but she chose the colors herself and drew thoughtful pictures for both of them. When I arrived at the picnic, the first thing she told me was how happy her teachers were with her gifts. The converse side is that her little heart is also touched when she receives a gift. This is why I felt like there should be a gift to accompany our fun meal.

I had two hours to put something together this morning before the picnic began. Rummaging around in my craft room for inspiration, I found four little yellow crochet flowers I had made some time ago with no real purpose. Today, they found their purpose! At first, I thought of making one into a barrette. But then I remembered seeing this the other day, which reminded me that I had a new package of elastic headbands. I decided to use just three flowers and crocheted a little green leaf for each of them, sewed them together and then stitched it all to the headband.

After dinner, we gave Rana her gift. She was so excited! Momentary disappointment clouded her face when she thought it was just a lot of tissue paper, but once she pulled out the headband, her face lit up again. She immediately put it on and, as of this writing, is asleep in her bed, still wearing the headband.

Mission accomplished. 🙂

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