To go along with the Smock-a-rama! In that post, I showed my first attempt at smocking on Rana’s nightgown. Granota needed a new nightgown just as badly, so I started on hers immediately after I finished Rana’s. The actual smocking portion of the show has been done for quite awhile, but I finally got around to sewing the nightgown together today.

I did better on the smocking this time around. Even though I still couldn’t get the fabric to pleat correctly (that’s going to take more practice, apparently), I did make sure to keep my stitches evenly spaced so that it wouldn’t spread out so much like it did on Rana’s.

Ladybugs and a daisy

I learned a new embroidery stitch to do this. The ladybugs and daisy petals are made of bullion knots, which I had never tried before.

One happy little girl

Granota was thrilled to death to get to wear her new nightgown for “naptime.” She looks much more comfortable than she did in her old nightgown. Rana is slightly jealous of the ladybugs and has requested that I put a bee on her nightgown now. We’ll see if I ever get around to that.


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