Guest blogger today!

On Friday, Rana approached me with a picture she had colored, the camera she had used to photograph it and suggested that it be part of my blog. So here we go! I’m the scribe from here on out.

Let’s have a unicorn club!

The unicorn picture has the red for the fireballs. It’s running on a rainbow. The unicorn is purple and red with a blue horn. It has planets and it has yellow twinkling stars. The red stars are the fireballs. Because space has fireballs. The yellow moon is shining bright.

Now a song:
Unicorn unicorn don’t run away
Unicorn unicorn, please stay
Unicorn unicorn, you’re too pretty to run away

My voice is going away and I’m tired of talking. The End.

Ok, it’s Jen again. I’ve got some cool stuff going, so check in later this week to see my progress. I’ve got to learn some more embroidery techniques, how to make a weft of hair, and find where I put that remnant of sheer green fabric I bought a year ago for this purpose. Hmmm.

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