Extra! Extra!

And it really is extra, ’cause I’ll get to the French Friday post a bit later today. But for now, I wanted to let everyone know that I got my etsy store up and running last night. It’s real! It’s live! Hurray! I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now and I’m so excited that I’m finally doing it! I’ve got plans to add new styles of sleepsacks, plus fun napkins,  retro-style aprons, and French bread baskets. Also, I have a few more little animals that I should be able to list later on today once I finish embroidering their faces! No one wants a faceless animal. These animals may be a limited edition, too. Sewing one puppy dog was kind of fun. Sewing three was not so much. However, the little owls I’m currently working on have been fun, so I’ll probably do more of those if people like them. I think I enjoy crocheting animals better (amigurumi), so there may be some of those in the store down the road.

Here’s the link:

Two Frogs and a Grasshopper Etsy

I’d love for you to check it out!


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