Blog sparsity

We’ve had a monkey wrench thrown into our lives. Oh, I mean, besides the one of enduring unemployment, potential eviction and food stamps. Actually, that last one is pretty good. No, the most recent monkey wrench is the teachers’ strike that has been going on here. You’ve probably heard about it. If not, look up Tacoma Teachers Strike and you’ll find a million articles on it. What this means for us is that Rana has been home more days than she has been in school this year. Last weekend, we realized we were going to have to start doing some schoolwork at home with her since there’s no real end in sight. What this means, is that my morning (aka prime crafty time) is spent reading Rana a book, listening to her read me a book, and helping her practice writing. Mr. Gren chips in afterward to lead music class, P.E. and math. The resulting effect is that I’m behind on all housework, and trying to squeeze in a bit of sewing each day, leaving no real time to write here. Once the teachers go back and Rana is able to go back to school and we’ll be able to return to our regularly scheduled program. Until then…. you do some crafting for me.

And, for no other reason except that it amuses me: Here are some pictures of adults in the park today sword-fighting with foam swords and shields. There was at least one guy wearing a kilt.



Why yes, I did take them from across the parking lot while seated in my car, just like any self-respecting creeper would do.

3 thoughts on “Blog sparsity

  1. Foam sword fighting is big in our youth group. It’s all the rage. Brendan has made multiple weapons. One of the kids has started a foam sword society.

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