It’s the little things

About a year ago I bought a big sheet of peg board from Lowe’s and a couple 1/4″ dowels. My idea was to make a cheap version of this:

Overpriced thread rack

As with most things, I didn’t get around to it. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, that should come as no surprise to you. The peg board lived unobtrusively between my washing machine and the wall and the dowels resided behind my sewing room door. And in the meantime, my thread was a mess. There were a few spools in my sewing tackle box, a few in a small plastic organizer case, a few in a zip-up bag, and a few spools just lying loose in a drawer. Not an ideal work situation. And, inevitably, every time I went to the fabric store to buy fabric for a new project, I’d have a momentary panic of “I don’t think I have thread in this color!” I’d buy another spool of thread and, of course, come home and find at least one other spool that could have done the job.

Last week out of the blue, Mr. Gren decided that he was going to take it upon himself to make my thread rack. I gave him a couple of empty spools to use for measuring and it was just some wood glue and a couple hours later that I had this:

Pretty darn cheap thread rack

It’s difficult to tell from this photo, but it doesn’t hang flat against the wall; the bottom edge is angled out. (Also, you’ll see a few of my likes that I referenced in my last post). As soon as Mr. Gren hung it up on my wall, I got out all my thread and ordered it by color. I put all my spools on the board, sat back and admired it. Then I hopped up and ordered each color by hue, light to dark, sat back and admired it some more. I may not get any work done because it’s just so pretty to look at.

Taste the rainbow

My view as I sew

Now that I have all this beautiful thread in plain sight and within easy reach, it should save me at least a couple bucks every time I go to the fabric store. I also thought it was interesting how you can tell at a glance what my favorite colors are.

Thanks, Mr. Gren!

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Look at that! You ARE an organizer at heart 😉 I’m the same … soon as I get to organize something (time, energy being in enough quantities as a prerequisite) I love to sit and look at it too.

    Somehow, I thought there’d be more green on that board … hmmm… may need to rectify that!

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