French Friday #17: Tour of La Tour

I’d venture to say that most people in the world have seen a picture of, or at least have heard of, the Eiffel Tower. Built by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World’s Fair, it was never really intended to become a permanent part of the Parisian landscape. But it’s a good thing it stayed, because otherwise where would all the tourists go to get their picture taken? Of course all of our visitors wanted to go see it, so Mr. Gren and I had plenty of opportunity to take some fun pictures of La Tour Eiffel (pronounced F-L in French. See, that was easy). All pictures are ours, so please don’t use without permission.

Strolling down from Trocadero

It's kinda tall.

Once night falls, the tower sparkles for ten minutes every hour on the hour.

Surreal glow

By the light of the silvery moon

Fireworks! There were only about 40 people total under the tower that night to see this special treat.

4 thoughts on “French Friday #17: Tour of La Tour

  1. Only 40? That seems unusual … apparently the French aren’t as drawn to fireworks as we Americans … It would’ve seemed even more of a treat with so few people 😉

    • It’s because the entire city was at the Hotel de Ville watching France play Greece in the EuroCup. The tower was all cordoned off and had armed guards stationed around it! I think most tourists saw that and left, but there were a few who stood there, looking longingly. The guards all kind of had funny smirks on their faces because they knew what was coming! The fireworks were intended to be a celebration, but France ended up losing the match, but they had to fire them off anyways. It was phenomenal being that close with so few people. Once we all recovered from the shock, we noticed the guards laughing; I think we made their night.

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