First project in the cabin

Ever since Rana was 1 year old, I have made coats for my kids. I meant to make new coats for the girls last year. Bought the fabric, even cut out the pieces for Granota’s coat and then… I don’t know what happened, but the coats never got made. And now the cut pieces are for a size smaller than Granota currently wears, so I couldn’t even use those. Rana and I bought new fleece right before our big move and I packed it into a bin to work on once we got things set up at the cabin. When Rana started at her new school, it dawned on me that the coat she has been wearing was the one I made her when she was 3. She’s 6 now. A new coat was definitely a necessity. In two days, I got it done and she was thrilled to death.

I used Simplicity 2745. I make the coats with two layers of fleece (so basically, I make two coats and sew them together) for extra warmth.

Super cute!

A look at my sewing area while I sew on buttons

I'm waiting to see a deer walk by one of these days

Hurray for being warm!

Nice and full makes it good for twirling


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