So you want to crochet a Nemo fish

Since the inception of this blog, I’ve been surprised and amused to find that my most popular post by far is “Crocheting Nemo” from way back at the beginning. Rarely a day goes by that someone doesn’t read that particular post and I see in my search terms people desperately looking for crocheted Nemos. The pattern was originally published in a Crochet Today! magazine from the summer of 2009. It’s a difficult issue to find any more, which means that there are apparently legions of distraught crocheters the world over wondering how to crochet their own Nemo fish. And, in their search, they land on my blog. I hope some them stick around to read more, but unfortunately, it’s not my pattern, so I can’t share it here. I can, however, offer a balm to all of these forlorn crocheters:

Crochet Today! has reprinted the Nemo (aka “Flippy the Fish”) pattern in a special crochet gifts issue that is out right now.

I bought this issue because of the adorable little gingerbread house (which I am currently working on. If completing just one side of the house can be considered “working on”). But, rest assured, Flippy/Nemo is in there, along with a lot of other cute little animals and crocheted toys. So, go crazy folks, go crazy.

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