French Friday #23: Let’s go visiting

Today I wanted to introduce you to three fun blogs about life in France and French culture. After all, I can’t tell you everything. I’ll throw in a few of my own photos, just for pretty.

A small vineyard in St. Germain-en-Laye

The first blog is by David Lebovitz. He is a pastry chef, originally from San Francisco, who has been living in Paris for several years. His blog is a great mixture of fantastic recipes and insights into French culture from an American point-of-view. His writing style is honest and humorous; I can find myself spending hours reading through his entries and laughing along at some of the French quirks I remember so well from our time in France. If you are more interested in the cultural side of things rather than the food, he has a little menu on the right where you can click Parisian Culture and it will pull up tons of posts about things he has discovered in the French way of life. David Lebovitz’ blog, Living the Sweet Life in Paris.

Pont Neuf ("new bridge"), which is actually the oldest bridge in Paris. It was new once.

The second is by another David, only this one is a French ex-pat living in the United States since 1999. He brings an interesting perspective as French habits encounter American idiosyncrasies. His observations are amusing and will cause you to step back and reexamine why you do some of the things you do (if you’re American, that is). David Santori’s blog, Frenchie and the Yankee.

Hôtel Sully in the Marais (Paris)

Both Davids have taken some gorgeous photos, which are worth a visit on their own. Artsy shots of their local scenery, glorious close-ups of delicious food. Don’t lick your computer screen.

Inside the Pantheon, Paris

Writing the Renaissance is by Julianne Douglas, a historical fiction writer. She offers interesting information on life in 16th century France, as well as thoughtful book reviews, usually focusing on the Renaissance. If you like to imagine life in times past, this is a fun one to check out.

The Temple of Venus at Chantilly

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!


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