Christmas sneak preview

This year, Christmas kind of sneaked up on me. Yeah, yeah, I have a calendar like everyone else, but with my husband’s unemployment, I guess I just kept waiting and waiting, hoping he’d get a job and I could go out and buy supplies for making Christmas presents. Last year, I did much better at having a “handmade Christmas.” This year, there won’t be nearly as many handmade gifts, unfortunately. It makes me sad, in a way, because I really do enjoy making things for people and buying gifts from the store almost feels like defeat.

I did manage to make a handful of gifts, and I was able to use some supplies from my stash (which is dwindling) on most of them. But, since several of my recipients also read this blog, I can’t really talk about them. I can put up mysterious photos, though.

It’s fairly apparent that all of these items were made using yarn. But they are all very different from each other! Whatever could they be? You’ll all just have to wait a few days to find out!

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