Mystery gift #2 unveiled!

Merry Christmas to my mom!

This became this…

Mom's afghan

I had a bunch of yarn left from other projects that was taking up space and I didn’t seem to have a real use for it in individual projects. Then I started looking at it together and realized that the colors seem to suit my mom’s Southwestern decor.

I took a basic ripple pattern and then drew up a little schematic with how many rows of each color I wanted to do. I started working on it back in the summer; it was a great project to do while watching TV in the evenings. Once I got the afghan itself done, I was left with approximately 720 ends to weave in. That’s just an estimate.

In sewing, my least favorite task is turning tubes. In crochet, it’s weaving in ends. So I put it off until the middle of this month. ‘Cause I work best under pressure. The stripes are cool and all, but what was I thinking with all those color changes? I considered leaving the ends as an organic sort of fringe along the sides, but something told me that wasn’t going to fly. So Mom, the afghan was crocheted with love, but I’m sorry to say that the ends were woven with grumbling.

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