It’s about dang time

Sheesh. After all the talk about getting my etsy shop open, there hasn’t been much mention of it here, has there? I guess I was racing the clock to get a few gifts done for Christmas and everything else had to be put on the back burner. But this past week, I suddenly found a huge dose of creative energy and made three retro-style aprons from 1940s reprint patterns, two fleece berets, five sets of cloth napkins, and I’m just ears and a face away from finishing my crochet bunny. Yee ha! I love weeks like this. It’s so energizing for me to be able to churn out projects one after the other.

This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow, which made a perfect backdrop for some photos of the berets. Granota was a willing and adorable model. She was already happily playing in the snow and didn’t mind taking a couple minutes to pose and ham for the camera.

The hats are now listed in my shop here. I made the berets from some leftover pieces of fleece a lady had given me. The hats needed just a little something for interest, though; that’s where the flowers come in. I save any yarn scraps longer than a yard because “I might need it some day!” And once again, frugality pays off. I really love how the white flower looks against that gorgeous purple. I didn’t have enough of the green yarn to do the same kind of flower, so I made one called “spiderweb chain.” I’m pleased with the results!

Now, if any of you know any little girls that need some classy winter headgear, check out my listings! Later this week I am meeting up with a friend to do a fun photo shoot of the aprons and the newest fruit napkins (She’s the same one who took all the great photos of me in my black cherry dress this past summer!). Hopefully, I’ll be able to get those listed over the weekend!

Projects To-Do List for Etsy

  • Two-tone red/white scarf with a heart, like I did with the pine tree
  • More bunnies!
  • Finally, the fleece coats. I bought the fleece on sale years ago, and, after receiving compliments on the kids’ coats every single time we step out of the house, I’ve succumbed to the will of the people. Besides, I bought the fleece years ago, so it would be good to have it actually be something.

My personal project list has several items on it, as well. The tricky thing with both lists is that they are ever-evolving and subject to my whims and particular creative moods, as well as to needs that arise. One such need is that Rana apparently had a growth spurt since several of her dresses are now scandalously short and her pants are all high-waters. Even the ones I just made for her at the beginning of the school year. I think we’ll be hitting the thrift store for her, though, otherwise I may never be able to sew another stitch for myself for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “It’s about dang time

  1. Ha ha, so funny you mentioned that about the fleece coats. Even with the cute hats and G’s cute mug, her little blue coat totally caught my attention in the first photo. I thought, hmmm, I wonder if she made the coat too? So great!

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