Granota’s Fairy Blog

You may remember how proud Rana was to share her unicorn & rainbow picture here a few months back. Well, Granota has been pestering me continuously to contribute her own blog entry. She colored a few fairy pictures last week, so now we’re putting them up for everyone to see. From here on out, I’m her scribe.

I love my fairies. And I love it very much. I don’t know why she has that, but it’s very funny.


It’s a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies are beautiful and pretty. Their wings are very pretty and colorful. Different colored butterflies are very pretty.


I don’t know why it’s playing a fiddle, but it’s very funny and I love it. It’s upstairs in my bedroom. I was wearing that shirt with my lily pad ring.


I love this flower and it’s very beautiful. I don’t know why bumblebees are talking, but it’s very beautiful. It is part of my fairy coloring book.


Me and Miss Darby colored that. I love it and it’s very beautiful. Flowers are talking everywhere and that fairy is lovely. The skin I colored by myself. Miss Darby colored her wings and the hair. This fairy is the queen of flowers. We are done!



5 thoughts on “Granota’s Fairy Blog

  1. Very nicely colored and dictated, Miss Granota. I especially like butterflies and the talking bumble bees. đŸ™‚ I hope you post again sometime with more of your art work.

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