French Friday #36: My next home

We’ve been in the cabin for five months now. We had Christmas here; we survived an ice storm that knocked power out for five days; we watch the river rise with each rain storm and go down a couple days later. We’ve caught seventeen mice and have evicted a bat and a flying squirrel. We’ve relaxed our standards of housekeeping because a layer of dirt, ash, and pine needles is just a fact of life here. We’ve roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the fireplace; there is no oven here which makes cooking interesting. There are ups and downs to living here; overall it has been a good season of our life. That doesn’t stop a girl from daydreaming, though. I’d live in any of these places (all photos are mine).

Hôtel Sully in Paris (hôtel means mansion).

Luxembourg Palace in Paris.

Fontainebleau Palace


I’m not picky.

6 thoughts on “French Friday #36: My next home

  1. I personally would pick Luxembourg Palace…cause it has trees. 🙂

    Woooaww!!! Fontainebleau Palace looks like where they filmed Ever After!!! 😀

    • Trees are a good argument.
      Now I’m going to have to see Ever After! Fontainebleau is also the one that has the peeing dog fountain that I featured a few weeks ago. heh heh

  2. I love the Luxembourg gardens! Only if there is “Staff” to go with it though…I’d hate to have to clean all of that! You’d just get finished and have to start back at the beginning again … UGH!

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