Oh yeah, new blog

Hey everybody! I heard that my link was bad this morning most of the whole dang day, but now it’s fixed! šŸ˜€

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * *

I keep forgetting to let people know on here that I’ve started a new blog.

If you’re into Guns n’ Roses, Axl Rose, or even just righting wrongs and sloughing off biased media reporting or a good character study, you might find it interesting! I hope you’ll go check it out. And if you like it (or know someone who would), pass it on!

There’s A Lot Goin’ On

“What It’s All About” lays out the premise and origin of the whole blog and the “Lose Your Illusions” page contains all the new posts (just three so far, but I’ve got plenty to talk about). I’ll keep most of my Axl-related material over there, but I can already tell you that this won’t be the last you see of him on here. Oh yes, got some things in the pipeline. What’s that? Axl + Crafts? Yeah, baby.

Axl says, “Hey, TwoFrogs readers! Go read about how the press has screwed me over. I’m really not as nuts as they make you think.”
Ok, Axl didn’t say that, but he might if he read this blog.

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