Saturday in Spain

Ok, so most of yesterday went by before I realized it was Friday. With Mr. Gren’s screwy schedule and Rana home from school now, I never know what day it is. Sorry, guys. So, to make up for the lack of French Friday, you get Saturday in Spain. Will this be a recurring feature? Maybe. Depends on how many times I forget French Friday, I guess.

When Rana was 4 months old, our little family took a ten day trip to Valencia, Spain. It was a great trip and we saw so many cool things. It was the tightest vacation budget ever, but there’s a lot you can do for free or extremely cheap if you just look around!

One day, we went to visit the bullfighting arena. It wasn’t bullfighting season, but they did have a little museum that we checked out. In the offseason, they use the arena for other exhibits and such. When we came out the other side of the arena, we saw this sight (this is my photo; please don’t use without permission).


Epic Battle

El Matador might be a little outmatched this time around.

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