Saturday in Spain IV

Somebody call King Arthur. Oh, and don’t forget Indiana Jones. Quests and crusades are over. That’s right, the Holy Grail has been found. Maybe you didn’t know that. Were you still looking?

A little dark, and this after I lightened it! Sorry!

It’s housed in the Valencia Cathedral in Spain. There are lots of other places that claim to have the grail, but apparently this chalice has the Holy Roman seal of approval. After all, the Pope used it! You can read more about the history of it here on the cathedral’s website.

It is housed in a special chapel in the cathedral. We had to wait for a service to finish before we could go in and look. Obviously, you can’t get too close.

5 thoughts on “Saturday in Spain IV

  1. Thinking on it crevasse isn’t really the right term but sounded better than big tear in the ground. Meh..that works well too!

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