Monkey Business

There are two things that my son, Konik, loves in this world: cars and monkeys. His day is made if he gets to ride in the car, even if it’s just to pick up Rana from school. He eats his meals with at least one matchbox car near his plate (sometimes we have entire parking lots). If he’s not playing with his cars, he is most likely playing with his stuffed monkey named… Monkey, or snuggled up under his monkey blanket watching a movie. Cars and monkeys. That’s it. Everything else comes in at a very, very distant 3rd place.

When Konik was 1, I crocheted him a little hat with a stem and berries on the top. It’s super cute. But this year it was too small. It didn’t even come down to his ears. He insisted that it still fit and you can’t really explain to a 3 year old that just because you can get it on doesn’t mean it actually fits (heck, there are plenty of adults who still haven’t learned that lesson). But I remembered a hat pattern that I was sure would win him over.

Long ago (ok, not that long ago. Probably about a year ago), my blog friend Lisa at yarnchick40 sent me a pattern for a sock monkey hat as a thank you for following her blog (you should follow her blog, too, ’cause she’s funny and she makes cool stuff, but it’s totally her prerogative what she wants to do about it! I am not guaranteeing sock monkey hats. ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I’ve hung onto it for just the right time and that time is now!

At first, Konik was a reluctant participant in the many (many, many) fitting sessions. He knew I was making him a hat, but I hadn’t played my ace card yet; I was saving that for when it became absolutely necessary. And sure enough, one day he completely balked at having yet again to try on a hat that really didn’t look like a hat yet. Then I showed him the picture. His eyes lit up and a big smile covered his face. “It’s a monkey hat!!” Back in business!


The pattern is super cute. I had to make some adjustments for size to fit my boy’s noggin, but it’s all good. I used yarn that I had on hand: the brown and cream are Lion Brand Wool-Ease and the red is “Impeccable” (from Michael’s). The monkey has blue eyes because, believe it or not, I didn’t have two matching black buttons. Also, I was secretly thrilled that the boy is young enough not to be bothered in the slightest by the enormous pompom on top. I’m going to milk that cuteness for as long as I can!





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