That’s what I’m talkin’ about

So the day after I my last post, whenever that was, I set to work on the wrist warmers again. This time I figured out what I had done wrong on the first attempt. The foundation chain should not go around the wrist, but rather runs parallel with the arm. Got it. So I had sewn the first together on the wrong sides. Here are the completed ones. And here is the pattern should you want to make these yourself: Lion Brand Gretna Gauntlets.


They are a nice length. I can still wear my watch (hidden under my sweater cuff). As far as competing with the cold here in the cabin, well, these poor little things are no match. I probably wouldn’t be warm unless I made myself some Arctic mittens. It would be harder to type up these posts, then.

4 thoughts on “That’s what I’m talkin’ about

  1. They might not be warm but they sure do look darn cute. 🙂 So you can look all fabulous as you freeze. Wouldn’t want to freeze looking un-fabulous! 😀

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