The lull between projects

It’s another frigid day here, which means, once again, I am staying upstairs with only brief excursions back down to stoke the fire. It’s nice to be warm up here, but, let’s face it: after being up here for three or four days straight (I can’t remember; it all runs together), it starts to get boring. I need a new project, but it has to be portable. There are things in my mental queue — another Axl doll for a friend; different items of clothing I’d like to sew; my crayon drawing! But all of that requires being downstairs in the coldest corner of the cabin. Huh uh. Ain’t gonna happen. So that pretty much leaves me with crochet. The problem is, I don’t really have anything in mind. I’m itching to do something, but if there’s not a purpose behind it… well, it loses its appeal pretty fast. What do you do when you have a restless urge to create but no real direction?

My existence

My existence

4 thoughts on “The lull between projects

  1. I have a new direction for you. You need a onesie! You need to make yourself a warm onesie. Yes these are super hip right now, not kidding the UK had a onesie shortage this winter. I am practically living in mine, even wear it under my ski gear. Make one with a hood!!!

  2. I’ve got a wool-eater afghan that needs finishing and 12 bajillion pinterest ideas if you want to lend a hand 😉 You just need inspiration my dear…or a break from big stuff. How about some dishcloths, or face cloths, or some other small but useful items for yourself?

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