You may have noticed the lack of activity around here the past week or so. It was in commemoration of last year’s ice storm where we lost power for five days and froze our butts off.

January 1912 (11)

Ok, not really. I just wanted to make it sound good. In reality, it was probably more something like this: In my mundane existence, there is little I have control over; so I refused to write out of some kind of teenage faux rebellion. “You can’t make me!” But pouting and angst don’t look so good on a 34 year old. Mostly I just didn’t have anything to write about and couldn’t be bothered to conjure something up. Too bad, so sad.

So, I apologize for the silence. I’m still plugging away at a couple projects. Hopefully I’ll have something finished to show on Wednesday. And, if it makes you feel better, you can picture me with lots of black eyeliner and hair in my face, slouched in a corner listening to Greatest Emo Hits, disc 2.

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