Music inspires art

A month or two ago, I joined a Guns n’ Roses fansite. Don’t judge. Anyways, they recently had an art contest to design a default avatar for new members. I came up with a bunch of ideas, but the one I ended up working on was a drawing of guitarist Bumblefoot’s Gibson Les Paul. I studied all the details on that thing to be as accurate as possible then set to work with my colored pencils. I forgot, however, that some of the pencils do not produce a true color — the brown and orange, in particular. The brown comes out as a tannish ochre and the orange has a peachy cast to it. I didn’t have any other options, so I had to forge ahead with what I have. In the end, I drew a really cool looking guitar, but because the color is not quite right, it no longer resembles Bumblefoot’s. Now it looks like Slash’s. I suppose that’s acceptable. ha!

Gibson Paradise City reduced

After I submitted it, I got to looking at it and thought, as cool as it is, it’s rather pastel. And Guns n’ Roses is not exactly a “pastel” kind of band. So with rudimentary photo editing skills, I turned it into a negative. Kind of a cool look.

Gibson Paradise City 1000 - negative

As far as any other projects… well, I’m no further along on anything than I was last time. I’ve been writing, reading, taking care of sick children. In the Baby Steps department, I did completely clear off my sewing table so now, at least, if I’m hit with the urge to sew, it’s all ready to go. As long as Rana doesn’t get in there and spread all her stuff out everywhere…

4 thoughts on “Music inspires art

    • Thanks! I ended up about 4th place in votes, but ultimately it’s the band/management who gets to decide. The admin of the site said he sent in all the entries, so now we just wait. 🙂

  1. Very nice…there are many shades of “Les Paul”. Your first one actually looks very close to the vintage tone known as “Honeyburst”. You did well with the “slightly darker near the edges” thing. In the guitar world (even G & R), vintage is cool. Good luck with the contest…keep at it and I bet you’ll win!

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