Leaving on a jet plane

Tonight — at midnight — I’ll be flying clear across this gigantic country to meet up with a group of incredible women. These ladies have been my dearest friends over the last nine years and I am excited like you wouldn’t believe to meet them for the first time in real life (The only one of this group I have met can’t come to this big reunion, but I will see her later this summer. Miss you, Angry Mandee! Unfortunately, three others are not able to make it, either, but 11 out of 15 is awfully good!). We share a history and experience that we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies: All of us have lost at least one child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or other complications. All of us were broken and hurting and found comfort in sharing our stories and pain at an online forum called Silent Grief, started by a wonderful, godly woman named Clara Hinton who also knew that pain and wanted to reach out to young, grieving mothers. And what a godsend that site was. At the time of my miscarriage, Mr. Gren and I were in France, away from home and family. There were a handful of church members there who really took the time to care for us, but most people couldn’t understand, didn’t want to talk about it, didn’t know what to do for us. Silent Grief made an incredible difference in my life. These ladies I’m going to see this week in New York lived it with me. They were there, too. They can remember their own pain at the loss of their little ones. We were there for each other.

And all of us can testify to God’s restoration and healing. After bearing with each other through all the sorrow, we were able to rejoice with each other as, between 6-8 years ago, all of us were able to welcome a living child into our families. And some of us have tacked on a few more! So this group of ladies, who met in the worst of circumstances, branched off into a private message board where we could share more openly with each other; supported each other through first days of kindergarten, the deaths of parents, and all sorts of other life difficulties; celebrated new babies, new jobs, new houses; this group who met so long ago, will soon get to meet in person, in joy, laughter, and exuberant hugs. It’s going to be a good time.

This is a rather uncharacteristic post for me, I know. But I felt like this was monumental enough to deserve recognition. And, just so you know, I made a couple of things specifically to take on this trip which I will write about next week. That way you know you have something to look forward to. ha!

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