News worth telling

Yes, yes, yes, I do have something crafty to show you all soon, but (here goes) I have something more interesting to talk about this week! If you have read much at all around here in Frogland, you’ll know (vaguely) the story of how Mr. Gren lost his job; was unemployed for 10 months with no unemployment benefits; we moved to a log cabin that belongs to some generous friends; Mr. Gren secured a low-paying job which has kept us afloat but not much else. Last week, after a tedious 6 month process, Mr. Gren was hired with the county sheriff’s department. Do you know what this means? We will be able to afford life again! We’ll be leaving the woods and rejoining civilization! Goodbye, mice! So long squirrel in the ceiling! Adios, frigid floors! Seriously, this is awesome news for our family! And probably the blog, too, in the long run. In the short run… well, the next couple of weeks are going to be lost to a flurry of moving-related activities. And then, shortly thereafter, the new baby should be arriving, which will throw a whole new monkey wrench into the works. But hey! I will have a dedicated sewing room! That’s exciting stuff. I’ll get one more “fun” post done and then I think I’ll have to put Ye Olde 2Frogs on hiatus for a little while until life settles down a bit. Thanks for sticking with me!

16 thoughts on “News worth telling

  1. Praying for you! How exciting! I have enjoyed your blog – especially what you have written about France. I am Sarah Gilbertson’s mom – and she has told me how enjoyable her visit with you was and how amazing just getting to your house was! 🙂 God is good and He is trustworthy. – Esther in NJ

    • Thank you very much! I’m so honored that you read my blog here! I hope to get back to writing some more France stories. This pregnancy has just really taken the wind out of my sails this year. :p Thank you, too, for your prayers — much appreciated!!

  2. Although I’ve enjoyed your romantic wood-pictures and related awesome stories, this is great news. I am very happy for you. You should make this good-news telling-spree you’re on a regular thing. 😉

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