Christmas gifts: warm hearts, warm hands

We’re on the last batch of homemade Christmas gifts now with Rana’s contributions. It is fun doing this with a little bit older child since she is capable of more. Since she jumps at the chance to use the sewing machine, I chose a project with some easy sewing: pocket handwarmers.



For each of the kids’ projects, I took little videos where they explained what they were doing and who their recipient was. After Christmas, I shared those videos with our families. But Rana’s video is so funny because she goes into full-on TV hostess mode. And she explains the project as well as I can, plus, she’s cuter. Take it away, Rana! (The picture below will link to the video. Click it!)

Click the picture to be taken to the video.

Click the picture to be taken to the video.

After adding the lavender and rice to the little handwarmers, we sewed up the hole and called it good. But then I started thinking that maybe the recipients needed something to store them in during warm months when handwarmers aren’t needed. I whipped up some little pouches while Rana was at school, but let her choose the ribbons for the drawstrings. There! Now they were ready to send off to cousins. Just a few seconds in the microwave, pop them into their coat pockets, and they’ll have toasty fingers.



6 thoughts on “Christmas gifts: warm hearts, warm hands

  1. You are SO good at finding fun, craft things for your kids to do that will bless others. How sweet Rana is in explaining it all. 😉

  2. I need some of those! We are still in the negative digits, and 8 more inches of snow are expected overnight. I haven’t told you yet that I got a sewing machine as a gift last summer, and I am learning to sew. This would be a great project for me to practice with! AND I even have some lavender that my neighbor gave me from her garden that is sitting on my kitchen counter as I type this.

    • Oh cool! Yeah, give it a shot! We cut out the squares with pinking shears so that we wouldn’t have to bother with turning them. Makes for a quick, easy project. And if you can get warm hands to boot… 😀

      • Oh great! That was going to be my next question – how you got that cute little edge on the fabric. I don’t even know what pinking sheers are, but it sounds like I need some!

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