Still plugging away

I’m not going to finish the rainbow afghan this month. There, I said it. Things conspired, as they do. We went away for a couple of days, then there was the week leading up to Easter… I got behind on a few things, granny squares included. I have 78 more squares to go and, even though I tend to be overly ambitious and get myself in over my head, even I can admit that I am not going to finish all those squares in two days. Not to mention weave in ends and then sew all the stupid things together (why did I start this project again?). So this UFO is going to have to bleed over into May.

50 squares

50 squares accomplished thus far

9 thoughts on “Still plugging away

  1. My sister and I are the queens of unfinished projects….especially when they involved motifs lol. We’ve just learned to accept that a project will take months instead of weeks and just enjoy the process :). Happy Crocheting!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I feel very less-than-inspiring now! haha! Yeah, everything just kind of went kaput once school let out. I’ll get back on the horse here soon. 🙂 Thanks, friend!

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