December 1: Red & white

This blog was birthed in May 2011. Three and a half years ago. (Is that all?) In May 2011, Konik was 19 months old. He had started walking right around his first birthday, so he was definitely mobile and surely got into things. But oh my word. Maybe it’s that Sprinkaan only just turned one last week or maybe it’s the personality difference, but whatever the case, I have zero time to blog. Either I make stuff or I write about it. Not both. I’ve had seasons like this before and I’ll come out of it again. I have made a few things and started a few other things and getting close to finishing some things. When will I get a chance to share them with you? Good question. So in the meantime, Imma resort to what I did last year at this time just to keep the blog active. And ‘sides, it was fun. I’m participating in The Idea Room’s photo challenge for the month of December. Each day, I’ll post a picture that has something to do with the prompt given for that day. Today is “red and white.” Fair enough. Since Sprinkaan is part of the reason I’m doing this, I took a picture of his stocking. Have a great day!


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