About Me

Hello and bienvenue! You can call me JenGren;”gren” is short for “grenouille,” which combines two things I love: Frogs and French (I know, I know, insert jokes here)! I also love to create, which is the inspiration for this blog. I’m always making something and I like trying a variety of crafts, my main two being sewing and crochet. Sometimes I have fabulous successes, other times I have abysmal failures, but I don’t let that stop me! Craft fearlessly! How will you know what you’re good at if you don’t try everything?

I owe the name “Two Frogs and a Grasshopper” to my oldest daughter. One year, whenever we asked her what she would like to get her uncle for Christmas, this was her response, followed by hysterical giggling. This was an inside joke apparently understood only by a 5 year old mind. We ended up painting a shirt for her uncle, and, as a tribute to her original idea, painted two small frogs and a grasshopper on the sleeve. Two Frogs and a Grasshopper was born!

A lot of my crafting is for my family, so we’ll all have green n’ hoppy aliases. Mr. Gren, my husband; Rana (“frog” in Italian), my oldest daughter; Granota (“frog” in Catalan), my second daughter; and Konik (“grasshopper” in Czech) is my son! (Did I mention that I also love languages?)

I hope you enjoy the stories of my creations!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Two Frogs and a Grasshopper! I love your creativity…and your twistedness!
    Where are you located? We live in Denver, Colorado, USA.
    I have not called my four children pet names like you do except for when I get the grocery bill I refer to them all as my little locusts (as in nothing is left when they finish dining!)

    • Thanks so much! And I love your humor. 😀
      I used to live in Loveland (a long time ago)! Near Seattle now.
      The locusts, I like that! Mine are usually more akin to vultures.

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