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Day 3: Stripes


Another knitted thing, this time with stripes and this time for Granota. I finished this sweater more recently (about a month ago). I tried blocking it out earlier this week, but it didn’t take, so here it is pinned out again for another round of blocking. (For non-yarny people, that means steaming it into its final shape; if I don’t block it, it curls up like a scroll which makes it awfully hard to sew together. Even if I did manage to sew it together like that, can you imagine how rumpled and “homemade” it would look? Blocking is a necessity.) This is the wrong side showing. Cross your fingers that it will block out right this time!

One thing that makes me extra excited about this sweater is that I was on a mission to use up yarn from my stash. The aqua and the variegated are the only ones I managed to kill off, but at least the others are reduced!

I get by with a little help from my friends

Bonus points and I promise to like you if you can tell me what that’s from.

Last week, I shared with you some of my recent crafting disappointments. Things that didn’t quite turn out as planned. One of the main things I had been working on (which I really needed to cooperate with me) were the crocheted cuffs for Rana’s pants. The poor kid’s giraffe legs make all her pants look like high-waters. I made these cuffs thinking it would be a nice affordable way to get some more usage out of pants that otherwise fit. Except I ended up with this:

Still no explanation for this.

After multiple failed attempts at making a third cuff that refused to match either of the existing ones, I rolled them up and chucked them in a bin with assorted craft detritus. No, not the garbage, just random odds and ends.

Well, Kristen from Kristenisms wouldn’t let me give up that easily! If you go back and look in the comments, you’ll see how she kindly but firmly encouraged me to go block the darn things. I had nothing to lose at that point, so I gave it a go!

Grow, little cuff, grow!

And you know what? I had thrown in the towel too early. Kristen was right — through the miracle of blocking, I was able to get the cuffs to match. Hooray! Here’s Rana strutting her stuff in her refurbished pants.

The little patches on her pocket are hearts I crocheted out of the same multi-colored crochet thread last year when she deemed the gray corduroys “too boyish” and refused to wear them. Now they’re extra girly-pretty!

That should work!

Until her next growth spurt. In two weeks.