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It may appear that I’ve gone MIA again. I promise, I have things to write about and the will to write them, alas, I have not the time. We’ve been house/dogsitting for the past nine days — the dog requires most of the work — and running Rana to her summer science/reading program. It’s a big damper on my blogging mojo. But don’t lose heart, there will be posts coming. Soon, I hope! In the meanwhile, take a look at how else I’ve been keeping busy whilst having access to a real oven!

Mmmm! Raspberry crumble, Brownies from Heaven, and Cranberry Oat Cookies!

Mmmm! Raspberry crumble, Brownies from Heaven, and Cranberry Oat Cookies!

I’ve been doing stuff

And frankly, there just hasn’t been time for crafty stuff. I made the faulty assumption that I’d get all kinds of things created this summer. But, as my Gma taught me lo these many years, you know what happens when you assume…

This past Saturday we cleaned up our friends’ house and packed all of our stuff to come back to the cabin. There were a lot of extra little surprises that happened during that process that extended it all by a good couple of hours and wiped me out. Then we’ve had company for the past couple of days at the cabin. Just one thing after another! But in the midst of all that, I did manage to accomplish this:

What’s that, you say? Why, isn’t it obvious? It’s the beginnings of a rag rug! Some of you may remember how I braided strips of scrap fabric a few months back. On Sunday, I decided to start sewing it together. But, as always, things happen when you have three children and only about 10″ of the beginning 2′ strip is sewn together. And there’s a lot more to go…

Here are some other things I’ve been doing lately.

For the record, he was in a wildlife park, not at the cabin.

We took the kids to the State Capitol.

So I’m coming to the conclusion that this summer will not be nearly as productive as I had hoped. I don’t want to just abandon you all, so I’m thinking I’ll share a few photos of what’s going on around here and, should I actually make something, I will definitely post about that. And there are always French Fridays or Saturdays in Spain to keep you entertained!