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More or less homemade Halloween

WordPress tried to get fancy on me and switched me over to the “improved posting experience.” Well… the improved experience ate my post last Wednesday and I was too disgusted to start over again. But, I suppose it’s time to stop pouting and get back on the horse. Problem is, I don’t even remember what I was going to write about. How about we take a look at our Halloween costumes?

There wasn’t a whole lot of crafting involved in our costumes, but there was a considerable amount of DIY.

First is Rana. She wanted to be Cleopatra, which is actually what she had intended to be last year before Joan Jett swayed her. The Joan Jett wig was hardly suitable for Cleopatra, so I looked and looked and the best I could find was a Snow White wig. Rana doesn’t know that I cut the red ribbon off. This wig had seen better days and I tried to tame it by soaking it in water and conditioner, but that really didn’t do a thing. To make it look appropriately royal and Egyptian, we needed some kind of headdress. I didn’t really have time to make something elaborate; I found this crochet headband pattern which turns out looking pretty good in gold crochet thread. The beauty of this pattern is that you can make it up in any weight yarn (well, within reason), just use the appropriate sized hook. One thing to note is that this was written with UK crochet terms, so for Americans — when she says “slip stitch,” she means single crochet. It will turn out to be kind of a lumpy mess if you actually slip stitch.

Rana’s Egyptian “dress” is actually a chemise I made from Simplicity 5726 (The Fashion Historian pattern by Martha McCain) which I’ve already talked about here . A gold and silver belt and some canning rings for bracelets finish off the costume. Rana was convinced that she was the spitting image of Cleopatra and we’ll just let her think that because she had fun, and isn’t that what dressing up is all about?

She wouldn't walk like an Egyptian for me.

She wouldn’t walk like an Egyptian for me.

Granota was a kitty cat. With purchased ears and tail, a painted face, and black clothes, her outfit was pretty easy to put together.



Beaten only by… Konik’s pumpkin suit. I crocheted the little stem & berries hat he is wearing, but apparently never blogged about it? I can’t find a post about it. I made it when he was just 1 year old and so now, it is technically Sprinkaan’s hat, but Sprinkaan is a kind and understanding baby and let his big brother borrow it for just one night.

Sugar punkin

Sugar punkin

So that leaves Mr. Gren, Sprinkaan, and me. Can you guess?


Yes, we were Doc, Marty, and Jennifer from “Back to the Future.” We outfitted Baby McFly’s stroller like a little cardboard Delorean, complete with glow-stick flux capacitor. It all started because Sprinkaan already had that little red vest and we went from there. If we had had more time between when we thought of the costumes and when we wore the costumes, we probably could have made a better Delorean. But that’s what you get for one rushed afternoon of work. Also, there was that little issue of making it baby-safe. Rather than being an exact replica, we’ll just say it embodies the essence of the real Delorean.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need "roads."

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need “roads.”

The Delorean Motor Company probably didn't use cardboard and duct tape.

The Delorean Motor Company probably didn’t use cardboard and duct tape.



1.21 gigawatts!

1.21 gigawatts!


Great Scott!

Great Scott!

There you have it: Halloween 2014!



French Friday #15: Animal Fair

The French like animals. They really like dogs (always run a perpetual scan of the sidewalk about three feet ahead of you to avoid doggy-generated mishaps). Sometimes animals show up in funny places.

A king can't get any respect around here.

This is the statue of Charlemagne in front of Notre Dame. He’s a great meeting place for people and makes a pretty good lookout for pigeons.


Cats grow from seed, apparently.

This cat was on the second floor, enjoying his view from the window box on the Ile-de-la-Cité. I hope he doesn’t use it as a litter box, too…


That's a 200 year old dog right there.

Napoleon liked his dog so much, he had him stuffed. His name may or may not be Lauro. He lives in a glass case at the Musée de l’Armée at Les Invalides.

This dog sells home decor.

A lot of French shop owners bring their furry friends to work with them. This bulldog was keeping an eye on things at a store in our town.

Spa for goats

This goat was cooling off at Marie Antoinette’s Hameau on the grounds of Versailles.

Go fish!

These are the greediest, noisiest carp I’ve ever seen. They live in the pond at the Hameau on the grounds of Versailles. They’ve obviously been fed a lot. We threw them a few crumbs of a pulverized granola bar and they went nuts.

A crow strolls around the moat at Vincennes.

We weren’t the only ones hanging out at Vincennes that October day.

Do you wannabe a wallaby?

We were surprised to find a wallaby rescue center on the grounds at Chantilly. There were plaques there explaining why and how, but I can’t remember any of that now. Should have taken a picture of the plaque.

Pretty little orange birds. Anybody know what they are?

The Sunday bird market on the Ile-de-la-Cité was pretty cool. We only got to go one time as we were leaving for vacation. There were all kinds of colorful little birds, and also a few rabbits and hamsters.

Zebras in the parking lot, why not?

And you never know when the circus might come to town. This particular circus had set up camp in a huge parking lot near a supermarket in Dijon. They also had camels, reindeer, llamas, and miniature goats out there. They kept the tiger and lion in their cars, but we could see them occasionally.