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Day 14: Decoration


A lovely little Arc de Triomphe, thoughtfully sent to my by a dear friend in Texas who also loves France!


December 21: front door

And the prettiest sight you’ll see is the holly that will be on your own front door.

IMG_6513Ok, so there’s no holly. But there could be because there is a giant holly tree down in our side yard. Maybe next year I’ll go down there and clip some for our front door.

December 14: Handmade

Now here’s something you probably thought I had forgotten about. Never fear, I’ve been slowly working on it.

IMG_6429This crocheted gingerbread house was one of my many UFOs. Now it’s a mostly-finished object. It still needs additional “candies” on it, but I haven’t made those. Again, Baby Sprinkaan has affected my ability to craft. Track with me: The little house stands about 7.5″ tall, so the candies are quite small. Little items like that are easy to misplace. Baby Sprinkaan is an expert at finding tiny things that the big people have lost. And then he eats them. So the embellishment part of the project is on hold. Maybe I’ll add a few new bits every year?

December 13: Tree

Baby Sprinkaan is a busy baby. Maybe I’m just old, maybe I just forgot, but he seems busier than any of my other babies. All of them, being born in the fall, were right about the same age at Christmastime and yet, this is the only baby who forced us to cage the tree. Even that is not foolproof because he manages to push the rigged-up baby gates until he can reach ornaments through the bars. Busy, busy baby.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, I'm sorry we had to fence you

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, I’m sorry we had to fence you

December 5: Ornament

There are so many ornaments to choose from that, at first, I thought it would be difficult to decide which one to use for today. But once I went out and looked at the tree again, I knew exactly which one to show.

This summer, my grandpa passed away. It was both unexpected and not. His mind and spirit were fully intact, but his physical body took a rapid decline in health, frighteningly so in the last week. Of course, we all know that our time here on earth doesn’t last forever, but it was hard to imagine that someone as strong, stubborn, and ornery as my Gpa could ever succumb. He was a fixture, the patriarch. A man like that doesn’t just… leave. While we know he is with his Savior in heaven, we still feel the hole of his absence here as we continue in life.

Yet, we find ways to remember him.

IMG_6302I am the first grandchild, the firstborn of a firstborn. I had the privilege (unbeknownst to me at the time, of course) of transforming my Gpa and Gma from parents to grandparents. That’s pretty exciting stuff. My Gpa loved to tinker and create and try new things. He cut out this heart-shaped ornament from some kind of plastic resin stuff and etched in my name and birthdate and then made a hook to hang it with twisted wire. I know he made ones for my next two siblings; I’m not sure if he still had the supplies once my cousins began entering the world (anyone?). Hanging this ornament was extra special this year. I’m thankful that he made it for me and thankful that he passed on his love of creating and experimenting to me.

I love you, Gpa!