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I filled a page!

In my Etsy store, that is. It’s been a long time coming, it seems. I really need to pick up the pace. But I am pretty proud of what I’ve got in there so far. This week I added five sets of cloth napkins and three aprons.

I’m a sucker for fruit prints. A few years ago, I decided that our family needed to do away with paper napkins and all the mess and waste they create. I found fabric with oranges and with grapes and fell in love with them. I decorate my kitchen in blue and yellow, so I obviously wasn’t following any kind of color theme in choosing them. But I think the vibrant colors of the fruits can go with any decor. They’re fun! My family has been using those same oranges and grapes napkins (with the semi-recent addition of blueberries) ever since and the colors are still as bright as ever, even going through hot water washes. I’ve never had a problem with the dyes bleeding, either, although I wouldn’t recommend washing them with your whites!

I love the style of this apron with the reverse sailor collar. This pattern was kind of strange to put together at first, but it all makes sense now. The collar snaps in the back and then it ties at the waist, too.You can’t help but feel a little sassy wearing it.

I’ve made this heart apron before for a craft swap on craftster a few years back. It was fun to do again and I know I did a better job on it this time around. That’s the fun thing about sewing the same pattern more than once: you can see how your skills have improved!

This one I love! Apron with built-in potholders?! Genius! The pattern said to sew the diagonal part of the potholder down all the way. But I could tell right away that doing so would result in many dropped dishes; there was no way to use the potholder portion without it slipping. So instead, I sewed the bottom half of the diagonal line, leaving an opening to insert your hands. Now they work kind of like oven mitts. Another thing that I will change the next time I do this is to bind all of the edges of the apron and potholders in bias tape instead of trying to sew them wrong sides together and fold it back out. Once you have three layers of batting and four layers of fabric, you’ve got a lot of thickness to deal with. I ended up topstitching around the outer corners of the potholders to help hold them down where they wanted to turn back inside-out. Thanks to my friend, Rebekah, for all the great photos!

If you, personally, don’t need aprons or napkins or assorted baby things that I have in my store, maybe you know someone who does. Pass it on, if you do!

I’ve just completed a prototype Easter bonnet for Granota and learned a lot in the process. It’s not as perfect as I’d like it to be, but I plan on correcting those small mistakes when I make Rana’s next. Hopefully after that one, I’ll have it figured out and can move on to the ones I want to put up in my shop. I’ll post about them next week.

I guess that’s why they call it the blues

I’ve been feeling rather tired lately. Last week, I was working hard on getting everything set up for my etsy store. Then, my three kids have been awfully squirrelly at bedtime (more so than usual). Just when Mr. Gren and I breathe a sigh of relief that all is quiet upstairs, one of the girls comes wandering down with no real reason, prolonging the whole process. I can’t go to bed until I know they’re all asleep, although I’ve been tired enough to want to go to bed earlier. They all three have been waking up a lot during the night, too, for assorted reasons. And somehow, despite going to bed late and waking up in the middle of the night, they are still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7:30. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in good moods; just that they’re up and raring to go and if I choose to stay in bed, it will just mean heartache later when I get up and see what they’ve destroyed. Because they will destroy something. So, I’m tired.

I vegged out yesterday and crocheted rows and rows of mindless zigzags on an afghan (it’s one of my perpetual projects, always ready next to the couch for when my hands need something to do). That was safe. And the good thing about crochet is, if you mess up, ripping it out doesn’t leave any noticeable traces, unlike in sewing. Which is what I attempted to do yesterday before I made myself stop. I had some fun blueberry print fabric that I had planned on making into cloth napkins. We stopped using paper napkins long ago. Cloth ones are more fun, anyways. Right now we have a set of four orange (the fruit) napkins and four grape napkins, plus a few odd-sized ones from scrap fabric that I stick in lunchboxes or the picnic basket. The girls always manage to lose theirs or drop them on the floor enough that it grosses me out to think of them wiping their faces on them. It was time to add a few more napkins to the rotation. A little pressing, four straight seams (x4) and an hour later I have a finished project. It’s my kind of instant gratification.

I really should know better than to sew while I’m tired, though. To begin with, my Igor brain kept chanting “Sixteen inches, sixteen inches” as I approached the fabric with my shears. As soon as I made the first snip, clarity returned and I chided myself for already screwing up the project. The napkins should measure sixteen inches when they’re done. They need to be cut at seventeen inches. Grrr. Well, we’ll just call these lunch napkins. I finished cutting them out and realized that my shears must have been knocking back some sewing machine oil when I wasn’t looking because not a single edge was straight. Double grrr. I went ahead and pressed over the edges and sewed them, almost out of defiance. I’m gonna have me some blueberry napkins, gosh dang it.

And I do. And they measure fifteen inches.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my crochet hook is calling.