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Day 13: sweet



Rana holding a plate of sugar cookies to share after her kids’ choir program at church.


December 23: baking

Bake? Did I ever!


From left to right: sugar cookies, whole wheat bread, pain d’épices (our Christmas morning breakfast tradition), and cornbread for stuffing. Whew! And I still have to make dinner rolls and pies! But not tonight.

A glimpse into my day

Just four more days until we return to the cabin. It has been a nice respite to be in our friends’ house while they were on vacation. I made use of the oven today and made sure the kids spent lots of time outdoors to enjoy the sun!

For the first time in 8 months… cookies!

Turned out to be a sunny day after all

While I took a picture of this flower, a dragonfly landed on my fingers. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of him, too.