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Haiku progress report

Sorry, peeps, I don’t have much time to stick around and regale you with stories about sewing and yarn and new craft books and whatnot. Mr. Gren is off work today and has promised to run interference with Granota and Konik while I crank out Easter dresses! My sewing machine is ensconced in an impenetrable fortress of large plastic bins to keep out said kidlets. I’ll tell you more about the construction process of these dresses in another post, but I won’t leave you with nothin’ today. Here are a few haiku poems I composed this morning while finishing up Granota’s dress.

I made a blue dress
The pink one is coming
Little girls will smile

Brocade is quite slick
Edges fray like Shredded Wheat
Strings all over me

The iron is hot
You’d think I’d know that by now
Hand moved too slowly

Slippery fabric
The pins don’t stay where they should
That isn’t helpful

Husband took the kids
Oldest daughter is at school
Peace and quiet reign

That seam was too thick
Straight pins are no longer straight
Good thing they are cheap