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No peasants were burninated in the sewing of this blouse

I made a shirt. It was boring. I put stuff on it. Now I like it. Suffering from writer’s block a bit.

As excited as I was to sew it, it’s not that exciting a story to tell. It’s kind of plain, like the shirt. So I’ll spruce it up, too.

Last week after my pattern binge, I could barely sleep from excitement. So the next morning I set right to work making a peasant blouse out of navy broadcloth from my stash. It was plain, so I crocheted some lace trim for the hem and sleeves.

But even that isn’t all that riveting to read. How about this.

Lo, this past seven-night in the wake of the procurement of multitudinous patterns, repose eluded me. The new day dawned and I commenced fabrication posthaste on an esne’s tunic, availing myself of indigo stuffs. Being too ordinary, I further adorned the frock with hand-worked ornamentation.

But why should I have all the fun? Sewing MadLibs!

Once upon a _______ (noun), JenGren ________ (verb) _________ (quantity) new sewing patterns. She was so ________ (adj) that she could not ________ (verb). The next day, she ________ (verb) a new _________ (clothing) from _________ (color) fabric. But, it was ___________ (adj), so she ________ (verb) _________ (noun) to it. Now it is _________ (adj).

Have at it! Make my story amusing, entertaining, thrilling, exhilarating! You can write your version in the comments (just keep it clean!). And hopefully the oatmeal mush in my head will be a little more witty on Wednesday.

And for anyone curious about the burnination of peasants: Trogdor the Burninator