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Day 15: Silence

I thought today was the 15th. I was wrong. But we will pretend it is because I took a picture for it this morning.


Sitting in the living room this morning, the first one up, no illumination but that from the little tree on my circa 1940s cabinet radio. Everyone else was still asleep and I reveled in the rare silence. Only the heater vent blowing and the tick of the clock, which is as close to silence as it ever gets in this house! Fifteen minutes later, small people began emerging from their cocoons of quilts and blankets and all the morning chaos began…

Foggy morning on the river

A few of the trees are starting to turn. I love the spots of orange highlighted by the green all around. This morning I looked out the window and saw that fog had settled into our little pocket here along the river. It was cool and misty outside and still very quiet when I went out to take the pictures. Perfect fall morning.