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Mushroom Monday

This is not a cop-out post. I did make something this week, but I can’t show you. It’s a secret. Once its intended recipient has it in her hands, then I will show you.

So I’ve been looking around for something that I can show you today and I wasn’t coming up with much. I’ve attached the heads to the bodies of the Axl dolls and embroidered the mouth and nose onto one. But who wants to see a half-finished doll? I’m going to start on a super cute stocking hat for Konik this week, but dreams and good intentions don’t make for good blog posts (ok, well sometimes dreams do. Thanks, buffaloes!). Then, when I hiked up the trail (that’s not an embellishment; it’s a pretty steep incline on a gravely, foresty path) to retrieve our garbage cans from the highway, I noticed some mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. Itty bitty ones and big ones and everything in between. There were some particularly small and cute ones in the neighbor’s yard and I really wanted to see if I could find a fairy circle, but I wasn’t sure that the neighbors and their enormous black dog would be too keen on me poking around in their lawn. Nevertheless, I found some pretty cute ones to take pics of. Enjoy!