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Roses and leopard print

Aren’t I the wild child.

On Mother’s Day, I got to go fabric shopping while Mr. Gren entertained the children at the zoo. That’s fair, right? As I looked at my shopping cart, I noticed a disproportionate amount of blue and green. What can I say? I love blue and green. And while it’s nice to have a “signature color,” I was afraid that my entire wardrobe was going to look like the same thing over and over. And what’s the point of sewing new clothes if it looks like you only have one outfit?

So I made myself branch out. I made myself choose a fabric with not a shred of blue. I guess there’s a tiny bit of green. I can’t remember the last time I wore roses. Probably the black rose-print stirrup pants I wore in 9th grade with an oversized hot pink sweater and slouchy socks. Heck yeah, 1992! Given the dubious sartorial choice of roses, I was a little uncomfortable, but I told myself that discomfort is all part of trying new things. Or reviving 20+ year old things. Now the leopard print, that’s entirely uncharted waters.


Simplicity 2690 was the pattern I used, view C — the sleeveless tunic. Although, that isn’t quite right; it forms its own little cap sleeves. Cutting out the pattern pieces was a little bit of a pain because the front bodice pieces had to be cut out one at a time. I hate when I have to do that. In this case, it was a good thing, though, because it made me think about the placement of the roses.

Bohemian rhapsody

Bohemian rhapsody

The sewing itself was not difficult at all; I got it done in one afternoon. To cinch it in under the bust, the pattern called for 1″ wide bias tape. I’ve got all kinds of bias tape on hand, but nothing that wide. So I opted for a ribbon instead. Then it wanted 3/8″ wide elastic. To me, that’s awfully wide for something that’s not on the waist, so I went with 1/2″ Also, that’s what I had. I sew a little bit the same way that I cook. No oregano? Use basil! Not quite the right notions? Let’s see what else I have around here!


And when it was all done…

My gosh, I am fantastically white.

My gosh, I am fantastically white.

I was quite pleased with the result. It’s quilting cotton, so it does hang a bit stiff, but it is comfortable. And I think I ended up with a cute top.




Roses and leggings, together again. We’ll be keeping the roses up top this time around, though.