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December 11: Blessings


Vintage O’Keefe & Merritt

I easily could have just recycled the pic of my kids for “blessings,” but there are plenty of other blessings to choose from, so why not highlight one of those?

Yep, my oven. Having lived without one for two years in the cabin, I’m grateful everyday to have one now! And I went ahead and left all the used pots and pans up there because I was in a hurry to represent the blessing of ample food for my family.

Still not a cooking blog

Alright, there hasn’t been much crafting going on lately what with all the packing and whatnot for house-sitting. But I did get to do something I haven’t done in eight months.

I made apple crisp!

We had it for breakfast this morning with yogurt and then the kids and I polished it off this afternoon for a snack. Mmmm.

Cherish your ovens.