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Day 17: I made


I made an afghan! Last spring, Rana pointed out that, with the exception of the quilt on her bed and one sort of scratchy blanket, she only has baby blankets. Kind of hard to stay warm under a pile of tiny blankets. She asked me to make her an afghan that would cover her whole bed. I went through my pattern books and marked a few that I would be willing to make. I had just come off the dog afghan and I needed something a little bit simpler and faster after the intensity of that project. Rana chose this afghan which is featured on the cover of my “Wishes and Wonders” crochet book.


The pattern is simply named “Hearts and Flowers,” by Katherine Eng. Rana said that she liked the colors in the photo. As you can see, however, that’s not how it turned out. When I was buying yarn, I remembered it as more green rather than teal. Rana was gracious and told me that she liked it anyways.


Yesterday was Wednesday

I told you I was going to post and then I didn’t. What a sorry excuse for a human being I am. I did finish something, though, so I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this already (and since I’m currently so lacking in moral fiber, I can’t be bothered to go back and look) — a few weeks ago, my sister asked me to crochet a hat for her oldest daughter, Miss E. Three years ago, I had made E a sweet little cap with a strawberry on it. Apparently, she loved it so much that she wore it to bed every night. Three years has seen the expected noggin growth and the strawberry hat was getting a bit too tight. Time for a new one! The pattern came from a special issue Better Home and Gardens Simply Creative Crochet magazine that I bought in… hold on, let me count… 2004. So it’s been awhile. The strawberry hat and matching sweater are actually the main reason I bought the magazine because the baby model wearing said items reminded me a lot of my sister when she was a baby. So, if you follow my reasoning, that’s why it made sense for me to make the strawberry hat for her baby.

BHG simply creative crochet 2004

Unfortunately, the pattern was written in just one size, so it was up to me to size up. Lucky for me, I have Granota who is just a year older than E. Close enough, I decided, and Granota was pleasantly willing to lend her head for fittings. The pattern is not difficult — it’s half-double crochet alternating in back and front loops to create the texture. Usually when I’ve made something from a pattern before, my brain locks in and remembers the first time, which makes the second go-round easier and faster. For some reason, though, there’s a complete blank in my mind from the first time I made this hat. I know I made it. I have photographic evidence. My sister has physical proof. And yet, there is no memory of it whatsoever. Huh. I dunno. I probably will remember this time, though, which will come in handy in another three years if Miss E decides that she still needs a strawberry sleeping cap.

Super sweet!

Super sweet!