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For want of a photographer…

You might think that, because of my silence recently, I haven’t had anything to share. Au contraire, I have made/am making things! I’ve just lost my photographer. Mr. Gren has been unavailable during daylight hours for the past week or so. Hopefully sometime soon we’ll be able to take some pictures and show you all what I’ve been up to!

In other news, Mr. Robin still enjoys running up and down the deck rail, although he has ceased his window visits. Yesterday we had another squirrel in the house. Not a flying squirrel this time, just the regular running kind. After we both scared each other, it scrambled over boxes and suitcases into a storage area where presumably it has an escape route, because then we heard it up in the ceiling. That’s usually where he stays anyways, but I guess yesterday he felt like exploring. Hopefully my very presence freaked him out enough to quench his taste for adventure.

Rana will be out of school on Friday the 14th. I may or may not get more done with her around, depending on how, uh, creative she’s feeling. She’s my high-maintenance child. If I don’t find things for her to do, she will find things to do, and those things are usually elaborate and messy. Then on the 19th, I’ll be leaving for a short trip to see some friends; I’ll post more about that closer to time because there actually is a project associated with it.

So there you go. Now you know a little bit about what’s going on in 2Frogs Land.

Robin in my window

Last Friday, we began getting visits from a very curious robin. First, it would sit on the deck rail and chirp, then it would fly the short distance to the living room window and sit in the windowsill. But it didn’t just sit there, it walked back and forth, stretching its neck as if it were trying to look inside. Then back to the rail where he would run down to the other end, chirp a bit before running back to the corner where he would start all over again. Every couple of minutes he was in the windowsill, trying to peek inside. A few hours went by like this before he added to his routine. After running down the deck rail, he would flutter down to my sewing area window and tap on it. Back to the rail, run to the corner, chirp, jump into the living room window. Back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes he brought a girlfriend or two. They weren’t brave enough to come down in the windows, but they would sit on the rail with him.


This went on for four days. Every two minutes. Hello, Robin.


Then Monday night we began getting very heavy rainstorms and I haven’t seen him since. I wonder if he’ll come back when the rain lets up a bit?

Spring is coming! (I think)

I know the calendar said that spring has already arrived. You can just never be too sure here in the Pacific Northwest since there isn’t a significant difference in the weather. But I’ve been seeing cherry blossoms as we drive around and the days aren’t quite as cold. It does give some hope that better days are ahead! Although we can still plan on it being soggy for another two months. Anyways, I thought I’d feature a little robin I made a couple of years ago for a spring-themed craft swap.

Tweet tweet

The pattern came from here from someone in the UK who made it as a Christmas decoration. This part baffles me. In America, robins are harbingers of spring, but apparently in the UK, robins are a symbol of Christmas? Can anyone explain this to me? Because I would really like to understand the connection.

But anyways, to reinforce the idea that this was a spring robin and not a Christmas robin, I made a little nest with eggs. I made those up out of my own head.

Robin red-breast and her little blue eggs

She’s so cute and sweet, I think I might need to make another one to keep at home!