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Mental cleansing

Often, after doing something fiddly or mentally taxing, I need a break. Not inactivity, mind you, but something that will help wash all the fidgets away, something that will let my mind relax and will still be productive in the end. After finishing up Sprinkaan’s baby sweater, I was desperate for a quick project that didn’t require a lot of thought. Crochet, I never really left you.

Scarves and hats are great little projects to whip out just for fun, but would you believe I only own one scarf? And it was store-bought, given to me by a friend for my birthday 8 years ago. How does a thing like this happen? By very virtue of being a crafter with an emphasis in yarn arts, I should be surrounded by more scarves than I could wear in one winter. [hangs head] Please don’t revoke my hooker license.

I’ve liked the idea of an infinity scarf for awhile and found this pattern called Chic Shells Infinity Scarf. I don’t know if it was the power of suggestion or what, but I ended up using a gray yarn, too. It was a Red Heart Soft no it wasn’t, I made that up. It was “Loops & Threads” Glitter, which I believe is from Michael’s. I had bought it to make Axl’s bandana on my Axl afghan, which used only a miniscule amount. I didn’t have any other real plan for one mostly full skein of yarn. I don’t think it would have been enough for a traditional scarf, but it was just right for this project.

The pattern itself was a pretty straightforward shell stitch. But can I just say? A foundation row of 170 stitches sux. It took willpower and stamina, but I powered through it. Another plus to this pattern is that it calls for an M hook. I don’t have an M, so I used my N. Big hook = fast. Fast = instant gratification. More or less.


I wore the scarf for the first time on Sunday and I liked it so much, I kept it on all day. I might need to make another one. Or two.



Haiku progress report

Sorry, peeps, I don’t have much time to stick around and regale you with stories about sewing and yarn and new craft books and whatnot. Mr. Gren is off work today and has promised to run interference with Granota and Konik while I crank out Easter dresses! My sewing machine is ensconced in an impenetrable fortress of large plastic bins to keep out said kidlets. I’ll tell you more about the construction process of these dresses in another post, but I won’t leave you with nothin’ today. Here are a few haiku poems I composed this morning while finishing up Granota’s dress.

I made a blue dress
The pink one is coming
Little girls will smile

Brocade is quite slick
Edges fray like Shredded Wheat
Strings all over me

The iron is hot
You’d think I’d know that by now
Hand moved too slowly

Slippery fabric
The pins don’t stay where they should
That isn’t helpful

Husband took the kids
Oldest daughter is at school
Peace and quiet reign

That seam was too thick
Straight pins are no longer straight
Good thing they are cheap

Mystery #1 revealed! Silver threads

Some friends of mine and I participate in a Secret Sister ornament exchange each year. This year, I’ve been on a crochet thread kick and decided to make a pretty little silver bell. Mystery #1 revealed! Those pretty sparkles in my “sneak preview” post were from the metallic thread I used to make the bell. After it was all crocheted, I stuck a plastic egg inside of it and starched the heck out of it. Now it will hold its shape for all time. Or until it gets wet. (Don’t get it wet!)

Here was the mystery photo, which will make so much more sense when you see this:

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring

I’m considering making a whole bunch of these and stringing them together in a garland next year.

And on the theme of silver threads, this morning when I woke up, I was looking out the window and saw the trees draped with frosty cobwebs. It looked so magical. Now, make no mistake, spiders are my very worst fear in the world. I can sense a spider’s presence before I see it, and then, once I see it, I’m a petrified, shrieking mess. However, I can appreciate the delicacy and beauty of a web, especially when it’s 22 degrees outside and I know the suckers who made them are D-E-D.

The sun was coming up and I knew it wouldn’t be long before the frost melted off the webs and I wanted to be able to share it with all of you because they look like crochet lace. So I went out in my bathrobe, slippers and beret (it’s cold out there!) so that you all could enjoy these beautiful webs, too. It’s a good thing that none of our neighbors are close enough to see, otherwise I might end up on somebody else’s blog.