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Slugs in spaaaace!

I forgot to post this the other day! So many distractions around here, namely Rana, Granota, and Konik. And then I had to put the camera way up high, otherwise Konik fancies himself a photographer, too. But then, you know how it goes: out of sight, out of mind. But I remembered this morning! And you’ll be glad I did.

Slug on the window was a first for me.

But doesn’t it kind of look like he’s just floating out there?

He decided that he’d gone high enough and was heading back for the windowsill.

What would have done today without slug pictures? You’d have been lost, that’s what; and you wouldn’t have even known why. Just that general malaise, plaguing you all day: “I’m in this funk and I don’t understand it. Just can’t shake the feeling that I’m missing something…” But I’ve got your back. I don’t want you to suffer like that.

What’s that? You don’t really like slugs? You think they’re kind of gross? Awww. Well, you probably wouldn’t want to dine chez moi, then, because slugs are on the menu every night.

Kids: What’s for dinner? What are you making?
Me: Cream of celery soup.
Kids: NOOO!! Ew!! Grosss!! I hate that!! Maman is making gross food tonight!! AAAAAAHHH!!!

Alternate scenario
Kids: What’s for dinner? What are you making?
Me: Slug soup.
Kids: Blech! Eww…Wait, really? What are you really making?
Me: Cream of celery soup.
Kids: Oh. Ok.

*     *     *     *

Kids: I’m huuuungry!
Me: You can wait.
Kids: But I’m HUNgreeeee! Isn’t it snacktime?
Me: No, not yet. But I did see a nice slug by the wood pile. You could have that.
Kids: {grumble grumble} Nevermind.

Clearly you see there is a method to my madness.

In sewing news, I’m so very, very close to completing the purple floral dress that I talked about last time! All I’ve got to do is put on the sleeves and hem it! Hurray! So, I should be able to post about it very soon. And then I’ve got to get busy making wedding clothes for the little man and, should there be enough time, an appropriately “sister-of-the-groom” dress for myself.


French Friday #4: Speed Slug says, “Slow down.”

When you move to a foreign country, there are plenty of things that you expect to be different: the food, the clothes, the architecture. But you don’t usually think of the mundane things like street signs. Most of Europe has standardized their traffic signs with color, shape, and helpful symbols. They look different from the signs in North America, but most aren’t so out of the ordinary as to cause consternation. (Usually, said consternation was caused by the decided lack of signs, at least in France. A popular proverb among ex-pats living in France was, “You can’t get there unless you already know how to get there.” Even born-and-bred Parisians carry maps of the city in their cars.)

We did, however, find a few signs that made us laugh. We enjoyed the digital signs spanning the French highways that gave driving tips in the form of pithy little rhymes. We liked the Ausfahrt signs in Germany because, well, sometimes our brains revert to 9 year old humor. We liked this sign in England because, what the heck is a bollard, anyways?!


(It’s ok; you don’t have to tell us. We know now).

This sign in Wales was just too good to pass up without a photo:

How many points are they worth? *snicker*


But our very favorite was this masterpiece of government-commissioned art back in France:

As Pacific Northwesterners, that symbol calls to mind just one thing.

Remember, Speed Slug just wants you to be safe.