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December 18: happy

This afternoon, I’ve been adjusting a blouse pattern to fit me in the hopes that I can get it sewn before Sunday (y’know, to wear with that sparkly skirt). I like the challenge; I like to see it come together. Right now working on this is making me happy. If I can’t figure out how to translate what I’ve achieved in tissue paper into real life, it may be another story, though…

Why yes, that is a duct tape dress form.

Why yes, that is a duct tape dress form.

December 14: Handmade

Now here’s something you probably thought I had forgotten about. Never fear, I’ve been slowly working on it.

IMG_6429This crocheted gingerbread house was one of my many UFOs. Now it’s a mostly-finished object. It still needs additional “candies” on it, but I haven’t made those. Again, Baby Sprinkaan has affected my ability to craft. Track with me: The little house stands about 7.5″ tall, so the candies are quite small. Little items like that are easy to misplace. Baby Sprinkaan is an expert at finding tiny things that the big people have lost. And then he eats them. So the embellishment part of the project is on hold. Maybe I’ll add a few new bits every year?